The Constitution of the United States guarantees to you the right to bear arms…You have the unquestioned right, under the law, to defend your life and protect the sanctity of your fireside. Failing in either, you are a coward and a craven and undeserving of the name of man.” — Eugene V. Debs

By standing up against tyranny in any form we Americans are speaking to our own Federal Government that tyranny will not be stood for. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is pure and simple; armed people can secure and maintain their freedom. This is not the only reason why liberals carry guns there are five more reasons that come to mind and without further ado please have a look at them.

  • Agriculture    Is not magic that produces that beautiful piece of organic beef onto your table it is the harvesting of meat. It is a silly notion to think that Buddhist monks meditate on convincing the cow herd that is the right thing to do to lie down and sacrifice their lives just so that you can eat their flesh. The cattle take a bullet through their head and hopefully the death is quick and relatively painless. Guns are used on family farms every day and are seen as necessary tools just like a tractor and a hammer and a rake and a shovel. The cow is harvested and injured animals are put out of their misery. Guns provide easy and quick and painless and is the most typical form of removing the disease threats to farms and without government interaction this has been going on for centuries. All throughout New England and across the rural South many small farmers are liberals with guns and will continue to be such as the industry of cattle producing requires this armament.
  • Personal Defense    A local and renowned lesbian activist and wheel-chaired bound person who happened to be in the middle of an unsuccessful run for office welcomed me a few years ago and began to talk to me about gun support. “I want to talk to you about guns” she said looking up from her wheelchair. As I prepared myself for what she had to toss at me what came out of her mouth surprised even me and floored me to this day. “I wanted to thank you for your support of gun ownership” she said. Did my ears deceive me? Was this not an anti-gun rights tripping and constitutionally altering lesbian right-wing activists? “Obviously these anti-gun people really don’t know what it’s like to be knocked out of your wheel-chair robbed and left to die in the freezing cold night. The second time that happened to me, I said never again. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Run away? Speak strongly to them?” as she raised a corner of her chair seat cloth and I noticed the barrel of a large silver hand gun. Sitting quietly for a moment lost in thought she uttered this sentence. “Guns are the optimization of physical power.” Women, the elderly, those of us with disabilities, who cannot defend ourselves with our own bodies, need to have a gun and they give us back our dignity and protect our own well-being.” I was again floored.
  • Recreation    I love to take my three youngest girls out on a wonderful family event and do some 22 caliber rifle practice shooting. My daughter’s exercise the utmost in gun responsibility and with ever-increasing skills that are bringing in the bullet holes that are punched in the paper plates closer and closer to the intended center target I see hope. I believe in the Zen practice that full concentration is given to the target through the art of shooting and this is an extension of your own mental powers and it can be rewarded with self-confidence and sell appreciation for a tool as well.
  • Environmentalism     It would be a great day when poachers stop killing elephants and on our own shores we can stop the beating seals to death and the Indian poachers stop taken tigers. These individuals do not care how many cute posters are put up or how many catchy slogans are created. All they care about is the bottom line, the mighty dollar or whatever currency they are being paid for illicitly harvested materials. I believe that you fight fire with fire so a well-placed bullet can talk volumes and speak much louder than a few cute pictures of baby seals looking up into the camera and will convince the poachers that it is not worth their lives to harvest a illegally any animal on planet Earth.
  • Civil Rights      A man who needs no introduction as his portrayal of Moses, Charlton Heston has been the voice of the National Rifle Association since 1963. After speaking at a civil rights march in Washington during that year told Heston was promoted to the Presidency of the NRA. Charlton Heston was a great man and a great leader and yet in this day and age of melting pot politics it is important that we recall the founding fathers intentions when they made into law the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.